lets you convert text to an image. This means you can hide passwords, personal messages, pieces of code, or any kind of private information on forums, blogposts, emails, irc, msn-aim chats,....
The created image can be linked to, or you can download the image and delete it directly from the server. More information

There seems to be some confusion what this site is really about.. here's some blurb to enlighten you a little bit.

Search Engines

Google, Yahoo are great at indexing sites (actually we're Google fans ourselves). Forum owners, as any other site owner do everything possible to get their site spidered and indexed as good as possible. And that's great, but sometimes you want a little privacy too.

A simple scenario: you're the network administrator or run your own company and need to ask some questions on a forum, but on the other hand, you don't want the whole world to know what your problems are. They may sound stupid, they might contain some sensitive information: actually, you just don't want to look like an ass if someone googles you. Well, throw in your question with all necessary details in HideText and post it.
And only the people really that need to read it - the forum readers that might help you out - will read it.


Unlike skype, every letter with msn/aim is sent s done as plain text. Someone sniffing and logging the right ports can easily pickup the whole conversation. Well sometimes you need to send a password, or login information to someone - the phrase "don't send passwords via MSN!" may sound familiar (as it's often said even by Microsoft themselves). Just throw it in HideText and send the recipient the image.

There are more solid and better ways, to secure your data-traffic (but those mostly involve keys, programs to be installed, plugins etc).

HideText doesn't pretend to be much more then a little tool to obfuscate your text and that may just help you out from time to time to hide things. Improve your privacy a little bit. Nothing more nothing less.

Quick FAQ:

Hide complete texts

Supports up to 100.000 characters.

Hide single email address


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